Homework 06: SVG Images as Web Service

Implement a simple Web Service, which offers an interface to the KLUCIS vector graphics generation components.
Implement access to KLUCIS as a stateful Web Service, which accepts RDF markup (either in the XML notation or N3 notation) and returns SVG, when an image is requested by its name.

Design Problem

Design an appropriate WSDL file, which allows the service to be initialized by an RDF (overwriting an old initialization, if it exists) and then receives image names as strings, and return their corresponding SVG markup (or a special "broken image" icon, if such name does not exist in the provided RDF).

See Apache Axis2 samples to learn how to implement Web Services, including SOAP with attachments and stateful services.

Characteristics of the Application

A directory layout, which contains both the service and the client of the Web service along with all the necessary infrastructure files (e.g. WSDL). It should be deployable as an *.aar Web Service archive (similar to the Apache Axis2 samples).
A load(File) request, which uploads something similar to a description.n3 file. A getImage(String) request, which asks for an image by its name.
A "load()" request returns boolean, which tells, if the initialization was successful. A "getImage()" request returns String containing the SVG of the requested image.