This is a plain text editor - similar to, but much more advanced than Notepad. Well suited to edit HTML and similar files.
Download at:
  • Open the file %CD%/editplus/epp221_en.exe
  • Agree to the default installation directory (under c:\Program Files).
  • Agree, if the installation asks about adding shortcuts to Edit Plus. Check the installation and configure EditPlus:
  • Open EditPlus icon on the desktop.
  • Press button [Evaluate] and then button [I Agree].
  • Open menu Tools->Preferences and select category Fonts. Pick "font size" and "language" to suit your needs. Leave the font family "Courier New", since it is fixed-width font and is best suited for the plain text editing.
EditPlus dialogue "Preferences"
  • Select category "Files" and remove the checkmark in the checkbox "create backup file when saving". In this case EditPlus will not create *.bak files when you edit something.