Installation Instructions - Introduction

These Installations can be executed:

  • by an administrator on some university computer, which later serves as an image for other computers
  • by the students, if they want to install the training course environment on their home computers.

    These instructions would typically use the installation CD, which is referred in the following instructions by variable %CD%, when showing where to find any particular installation file. Notice that all the installation files can also be obtained free of charge through the Internet (use Google to find the products mentioned in these instructions). The instructions assume that a computer prior to these installations is running Windows XP operating system, and does not have any components installed previously - the instructions do not pay much attention to uninstalling earlier versions of the software and other special cases of resolving conflicts with the previous configuration on that computer. It is sufficient (but not necessary) to have an empty Accenture standard image installed on the computer before trying these instructions.